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Awards and Certifications

Recycling Engineering Co., Ltd. is committed to developing
a quality and standardized management system.

The company has been certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 2003 until now.

Received a gold medal award for industrial waste management factory standard, Activity type: Used solvent distillation for reuse,
from the Department of Industrial Works 5 years (2010 – 2017) and Green Industry Award from 2016 to the present.

In addition, the company is also participating in various government agencies’ projects in order to improve waste management methods
to increase the capacity to reduce environmental pollution problems.

Waste Utilization Promotion Project (3Rs)

Year Awarded : 2015
Grantor / Certification body : Department of Industrial Works

Is a factory that has good waste management within the factory And ready to comply with the 3Rs principles, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Green Industry, Level 1

Year Awarded : 11 June 2015 – 10 June 2016
Grantor / Certification body : Ministry of Industry

To certify that the company is a green industry, Level 1, Green Commitment, which refers that there is have internal communication within the organization about environmental practice so that everyone in the organization cooperates with a commitment to reduce the impact on the environment.

Industrial waste management capacity enhancement of sewage and unused materials removal factory project

Year Awarded : 2015
Grantor / Certification body : Ministry of Industry

To demonstrate the success of various organizations in the development towards sustainability and allow all relevant parties to exchange opinions on ways to improve the organization to have environmentally friendly governance.

Thai labor standards TLS 8001-2010

Year Awarded : 2012
Grantor / Certification body : Department of Labor Protection and Welfare

Thai Labor Standards are the rules and regulations regarding labor conditions and working conditions such as wages, working hours, holidays, and work safety. Labor standards are important in order to provide workers with equal protection, creating quality of life with safety, good relations with workers, and morale for work. The standards are the minimum requirements that must be followed in order to obtain appropriate food for human consumption and to prepare the production environment.

Compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility, Department of Industrial Works (CSR-DIW) standards

Year Awarded : 2012
Grantor / Certification body : Ministry of Industry

To promote the activities of social responsibility and sustainable development for industrial entrepreneurs. Industrial plants that follow the CSR-DIW standard are widely accepted by the community and society.