Quality and Environmental Policy

The company adheres to the ISO 9001 quality policy and environmental policy under the ISO 14001 environmental management system as follows:

  • Determined to develop continuous recycling systems in order to produce quality products that can be used to replace a new material.
  • Set quality standards together with customers.
  • Control and minimize the environmental impact caused by the company for the health of the employees and nearby communities by monitoring all business activities that could affect the environment including all activities in the factory and activities outside the factory such as chemical transportation.
  • Strictly comply with the environmental requirements of the company and related parties.
  • Continuously review and improve environmental management.

Water Supply System

The company is able to provide tab water for consumption within the company by using its own water treatment system that is controlled by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. The system can treat 1,000 cubic meters of raw water per month which reduces the use of external tap water up to 10,000 cubic meters/year.

Wastewater Treatment System

The company has a Sequencing Batch Reactor to treat wastewater from various activities within the company. The treated water is sent to the circulating well to be used for watering plants and washing the company’s transportation vehicles.

Waste Air Treatment System

The company equips with a system that prevents the evaporation of chemicals from the production process into the atmosphere. The equipment is developed throughout the engineering design process; hence are very suitable for trapping chemical vapors. Chemical trapping equipment in the company includes water curtain for trapping chemical vapors from the drum painting process, cold trap used to trapped low boiling point vapors, and activated carbon used to trap odors from the production process.

Sludge and Residue Management

Residue from the production process is stored in a 200-liter tank container in a well-ventilated facility and is protected against leakage to avoid environmental impact before it is sent to the final waste disposal facility that is certified by the Department of Industrial Works.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Recycling Engineering Co., Ltd. is committed to the safety and health of the employees and contractors, as well as the company’s properties and customers’ properties that are in the company. The company strictly complies with law and regulations and pays great attention to the management of risk and safety in the workplace to prevent accidents and reduce losses. Top executives have announced the implementation of “Occupational Health Safety Policy”, which is used as a framework for occupational health and safety management within the company. The policy established the implementation plan for occupational health and safety and audit sequences to monitor and evaluate the performance towards the target and to assess compliance with the policy.

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

The company activities are under the framework of occupational safety and health management to enhance efficiency and the effectiveness of occupational health and safety management in order to achieve the target plan and excellent safety performance.”Occupational Safety and Health Regulation” is an important mechanism to help control, drive, and improve the process of work procedures to prevent accidents by complying with the international safety standard for occupational health and safety.

Response to Emergency Situations

The company has prepared an emergency plan to handle adverse events in order to control and mitigate the effect on the environment. Occupational health and safety hazards are minimized by

  1. Establishing emergency response procedures.
  2. Providing emergency response and incident suppression equipment.
  3. Developing good communication among relevant staff on the incident.
  4. Providing training and knowledge and arranging practice activities with government agencies to develop employees’ emergency response skills.
  5. Developing employees’ skills in monitoring, preventing, controlling, suspending situations, and investigating the damage to the environment and property after the accidents or adverse events.

Safety Promotion

Company management is committed to safety in order to achieve maximum effectiveness in accordance with the target plan. We believe that injuries, accidents and occupational diseases can be prevented. The Company has organized safety promotion activities such as Safety Talks, Safety Week, Safety Training to encourage employees to be aware and have a good sense of safety in their work.

Environmental Promotion Project


Environmental Governance Project

In order to create a good understanding between government agencies, entrepreneurs, and communities, the company has joined the environmental governance project by disseminating information and inviting the community to visit the factory to provide knowledge to the people in the vicinity about the production process, raw materials used in products, and various wastes from the production process as well as preventive measures to respond to adverse events. As a result, the company receives the community’s acceptance and gains more trust from the government.

Receiving Complaints

Environment and Safety Department

Environment and safety department’s duty is to receive suggestions and complaints that are related to the environment from nearby communities. The department is also responsible for developing a system for receiving complaints and responding to complaints, collecting and analyzing collected data, presenting the analyzed data and solutions to the management executives, following up and evaluating the results of solutions.

Residents in nearby communities can send complaints to Environment and Safety Department
if they face an inefficient corporate environmental management that may affect the environment of the residents.


Complaint Channels

Environmental Department
0-3820-9969, 0-2749-9650
Environmental Department
[email protected]
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