Refers to bringing waste or used materials through processing or quality improvement in order to obtain
the products of equal or similar quality to the new material or to obtain new raw materials or new products.

The industrial chemical waste recycling process by Recycling Engineering Co., Ltd.
is to bring waste through a chemical treatment process in order to obtain
chemicals of equal or similar quality to the new materials which can be used to replace the new ones.

The Importance of Waste Classification

Waste should be classified into recyclable waste – waste that needs to be burned or disposed of to landfill –
so that each type of waste can be treated properly. This will lead to the development of a better waste management system.

Although only less than 5% of the total waste is recyclable, recycling this amount of waste can still significantly
help minimize the environmental impact as well as reduce the material cost. Therefore, the waste generator should
pay attention to and make an understanding of the waste management system and the correct waste classification.

Waste Management Hierarchy

Waste Management and Storage

Proper Management

Proper Storage

  • Prepare containers that are suitable for the type of chemicals.
  • Separate containers for different chemicals or not compatible so that they are not mixed.
  • Avoid water contamination in chemicals.
  • Fill up the chemical no more than 80% of the container.
  • Keep the containers tightly closed to prevent the evaporation of the chemicals.
  • Label clearly the type of chemicals used to prevent confusion.
  • Store hazardous waste in closed and well-ventilated shelves. Store corrosive waste in an anti-corrosion container.
  • Store reaction-sensitive waste away from flammable waste.
  • Store chemicals indoors orderly in the area with good ventilation and well-controlled conditions. There must be signs indicating chemical locations in the storage areas.

The Benefits of Recycling


  • Reduces the industrial waste disposal cost.
  • Help save at least half the cost of buying new chemicals.
  • Help the country save the cost of importing chemicals from abroad.
  • Helps reduce the problem of landfill space procurement and reduce the amount of pollution caused by burning waste.
  • Encourage the worthwhile consumption of world resources.