“Community” activity 2020

Recycle Engineering supported mosquito repellent injection to 3 nearby community areas as follows:

  1. Wat Thung Hiang
  2. Eya Sanun Aibadah Mosque
  3. Wat Nong Ngu Pa

“Government / Private sectors” activity 2020

Recycle Engneering supported children’s day giveaways to government agencies in the area of ​​Chonburi Province, including the Koh Chan District Office.

  1. The company supported the worship of Buddha Sihing Chonburi province to the Chonburi industry.
  2. The company supported the New Year award gift to Tha Bunmee Subdistrict Administrative Organization.
  3. The company supported activities on the establishment of the Police Department at the Koh Chan Police Station.

“School” Activity 2020

Recycle Engineering supported children’s day activities by bringing educational and necessary items to students in schools in nearby communities. Four schools that are supported are as follows:

  1. Wat Sampaothong School (Ban Nong Yai Phao Temple)
  2. Sam Yaek School
  3. Ban Nong Ngu Pao Children Center
  4. Ban Nong Samet School

The company also supported “Delving Jar Charity” award in the Loi Krathong Festival by giving scholarships to students and support teacher salary in Ban Nong Samet School.

The company also supported mosquito repellent injection in the schools nearby community areas. Four schools that are supported are as follows:

  1. Wat Sampaothong School (Ban Nong Yai Phao Temple)
  2. Koh Pho Cup Ngam Wittaya School
  3. Ban Nong Samet School
  4. Child Development Center, Moo 7

The company also supported the Mother’s Day scholarship program for students who live in the schools nearby communities and its employees’ children. Two schools supported by this project are as follows:

  1. Koh Pho Cup Ngam Wittaya School
  2. Wat Sampaothong School (Ban Nong Yai Phao Temple)

Providing environmental knowledge

In the year 2011, the company organized the environmental knowledge project for local people, local leaders, and schools in nearby communities.

In 2014, the company organized a project to educate students in nearby communities about the environment and waste management.

In 2015, the company organized activities to provide knowledge about alternative energy to educate students in grade 5 – grade 6.
In addition, the company organized a booth to publicize environmental knowledge and waste management to the community at Ko Chan Subdistrict Municipality Chonburi Province.